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Kind Of Blue Interpreted


8 complete versions of Kind of Blue. varied styles, with and without trumpet. This set remains in high esteem for good reason and these versions do it justice

40 tracks
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That first version of "So what" I'm completely positive is the original version in which Coltrane also played. As for this mix this is great though. No alternate version of "So what" can make some justice. The original is just "miles ahead" from the others...

as you may or may not know, 8tracks will take what you have uploaded and match it to a sound cloud file and replace your upload - without allowing me to tell it no. you are correct that the version 8tracks put up as track one - from sound cloud - is the original miles track with John C. I have removed the sound cloud version and the live 1960 coltrane track has been restored. thanks much for calling it to my attention.