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Rockin' Animals

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OK this problem only exists (from what I understand ) if you reside outside the U.S.. Certain record labels have restricted what can be played outside the U.S. that is why it skips songs so your last 20 songs are from those labels. 8 tracks is working with the record labels to resolve this problem so let's cross everything and hope they do.

@verrierhill thanks for the info - odd I guess. Hopefully they will resolve it. Found another restriction - if an artist does a remix of another artist's song (though it is still credited to the original artist) the remixer also counts as an artist ah-la the no more than 2 tracks by the same artist . . .

Don't know what's going on in this site but I was listening and enjoying this playlist then all of a sudden I'm listening to the tenth song and it skipped to the 30th song. I know it's not your playlist cause it happens on nearly every playlist I play. Have you experienced this problem yet. Btw playlist has been great. Stay cool man.