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A Man of Honor - A Ned Stark Fanmix


From when he was forced to leave his family, to the times he wrestled with others who did not respect his values, the turmoil that ensued for him and his family, and finally the shock and injustice of his death, these are all the songs that remind me of Ned Stark. Some are from his point of view, while others, like songs #3 and #4 I imagine being Catelyn's words to him as he decides to leave Winterfell. Song #5 I imagine being from Robb's point of view with his changed mindset after Ned's death. My favorite is song #11, which always made me think of Ned in an ironic sense. Many of us thought he was permanent... and we were wrong. Whether you are writing fan fiction and need some inspiration, or you just miss Ned, or you just like good music, this playlist is for you.

11 tracks
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