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Misc Tape

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hey - cant find any active links or on youtube..... connect up wiv me on facebook if u have an account and ill try to sort something out, i hae a twitter but to be honest i rarely use is a link to the dvd to buy....sorry i cant be of anymore help at the mo,

Sorry just saw this comment haven't logged on for a week! I will add you on Facebook and we can see if there is any links around to the documentary but thanks for helping me out! :) What is your Facebook? I might just get the dvd!

ill try that again!,, saw lb round 05 in dublin. insane gig. if u havent seen it, check the power of salad documentary they did. stunning!

Aw I am so jealous I would love to see them live! I watched the documentary on the festival ATP and they showed some of lb and it just looked outsanding! I will deffo check that documentary out though, where would I be able to watch it?