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Donald Trump: An American Terrorist

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Pretty sad how a lot of these tracks are from the Bush era, and it looks like history is threatening to repeat itself. I wish Obama could go another term, if only because nobody else is fit to rule. Grab your ankles, guys, we're in for another war if this yapping toupée takes office.

@BurkeDevlin Let us start this off by thanking you for your comment. To answer your question, we decided to leave off "FDT" for many reasons. While we do applaud YG & Nipsey Hussle for voicing their opinions, we here at Silent Radio do not believe the tone of the song fits our message. Rapping about how Trump can't hold a rally in L.A. because they will "fuck shit up" and stating that they are surprised that the state of Islam hasn't tried to kill him yet is promoting violence. We here at Silent Radio will not promote violence to ensure change. It's about progression. While that song does prove entertaining it won't be featured on this mix due to those grounds. Nothing against YG or Nipsey Hussle (who have been featured on SR), we just don't feel that song fits our message. This mix is about pointing out the obvious facts that our country may very well degrade itself by electing a racist asshole as President, but we won't dare stoop down to his level. Our Anti-Trump mix(es) will remain free of violent rhetoric...unless otherwise needed. So for now, no "FDT"...but on the real, fuck Donald Trump. #FDT Thanks again for the comment!

@Silent Radio I see. I guess the message of this playlist wasn't clear to me, then. I also found that YG song to be extremely politically naive, as if Obama must be the good guy just because he's black, and there was no information or reasons given in the song for the author's extremely hostile point of view, but I did like the song's gutsiness and the fact that it was about something important (politics) rather than the usual rap chant about trivial negative topics related to sex, drugs, and supposed racism.

@The_Steppenwolff We don't know if it's 8tracks not updating the plays, or if people are just liking the mix just to like it without listening to it. But it's pretty strange to have more likes than plays on this mix. We'd rather the plays than the likes to be honest.