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Pokémon (Vol. 04)

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As a disciple of the Helix Fossil I bestow upon you great tidings and joy as you continue on your quest to bring happiness to all through video game music. All hail Silent Radio, the Saints Of Sound!

And there is more! My child, you are undoubtedly a master at the art of creating Pokemon Playlists. My ears are forever in debt to your superiority and prowess. Bless you once again, my child. And may the power of the Helix Fossil be with you, always.

I love how this one picks up where the other left off. The Ho-Oh ending, and this tease with Lugia's song; it's genius. I love these mixes so much. I wish it were one playlist, but I get the whole rules about using more than two songs from one artist. Good call splitting it up. Any news on when this and the RBY (Pokemon Vol. 2) will be available for download? I would really love to add this to my music collection.