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The Odds Of You Not Liking This Mix Are 3,720 To 1

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*opens with fanfare*: yes. *continues with TFA trailer score*: YES. *cranks up "The Imperial March"*: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Hysteria aside, I'm following Silent Radio because of the Pokemon mixes, but the Star Wars is icing on an already delicious playlist cake.

@jalisama well thank you. Those comments just made our day. We really do appreciate the love. If you like those mixes you should check out our Super Smash Bros mixes. There are some Pokemon ones in there too, as well as some other video game staples.

THIS is a REAL Star Wars mix. Not like that Finn kissing Po on every other artwork shit. This is a real mix right here. I'm pissed that this isn't ranked higher!

@LesnarBender I loathe the people who ship emphatically and impress made-up sexualities and genders on fictional characters. Way to be one-dimensional in your pathetic world view, pseudo-intellectual self-proclamations aside.

@jalisama @LesnarBender Hey now guys, everyone is entitled to their right to make their own mixes. Even if said mixes make absolutely no sense (see our Mini Shows) they still have a right to be on this site. You two clearly have great taste in Star Wars mixes, so we thank you for your likes and comments (and hopefully support). We are totally in support of gay marriage, but yes, the sexuality on fictional characters thing is a fad that we don't quite grasp here at Silent Radio, however, if you want this mix to be ranked higher sharing it on social media wouldn't hurt ;) (just sayin). Thanks again for all the love. We appreciate it ;)