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Gabe & Goldie


We proudly present ... The Actual Prince and Princess of London City!
(01 – 02)

Wait, you're clearly not royality! Who do you think you are?!
(03 – 05)

So you're the starlets of the city? Seems like you really know how to party!
(06 – 09)

We've been told that you are quite familiar with the stage. Care to give us some impressions?
(10 – 13)

The chemistry seems right between the two of you. Are you close friends?
(14 – 17)

As good as you get along, is there any chance that we might hear some wedding bells ringing soon?
(18 – 19)

Is there something you want to share with us? Of course your answers will be treated confidentally!
(20 – 23)

Thank you for your time (... and thanks to your factotum for the excellent tea.)

24 tracks
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