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"Just give up. I did."
A sad playlist about a certain undertale character that i can't stop thinking about. Contains tons of different genres, but is mostly a giant pile of alternative.

Cover art is not mine! find it here:

10 tracks
6 comments on C a r r y O n.

this playlist is actually perfect like woah????? gives me chills ahh also sort of makes me want to cry gently into a plate of spaghetti, which isn't a feeling i get often tbh

hiya! sorry to bother you but I'm actually the one who drew this picture.
Please put a link to my tumblr (jeneco/./tumblr/./com) in your description/notes/whatever.
(btw sorry I tried sending the link without the / but 8tracks does not work right at the moment, at least not for me)

@Jeneco yes, of course i can credit you! I apologize for not crediting you in the first place and i'll get to that right away.