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A mix of vocal and instrumental songs to get your heart beating and blood pumping, without any weird bits motivating it. After all, I don't need a relationship, I need a /fight/. If anyone who disagrees, well, guess I found it.

  • Final Boss (Squid Sisters) by Splatoon Music
  • Take A Hint by Victorious Cast feat. Victoria Justice & Elizabeth Gillies
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  • The Wandering Wolf [Straight Mix] by Shoji Meguro
  • Hard Knock Days by GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE
  • Hunter's Chance (Nobuo Uematsu Cover) by Corbie Thornsriff
  • Wiping All Out by Mayumi Fujita, Lotus Juice
  • Martin Solveig et Dragonette Lyrics by I Just Came to Say HELLO
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  • Final Fantasy 'The Decisive Battle' For Orchestra by ForOrchestra
8 tracks
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