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Date Night in the MOL Bunker


He starts the mix as soon as he hears Sam back inside the building, is grinning already, waiting for Sam’s reaction when he hears ‘Hard Headed Woman’ coming through the speakers in the kitchen. Gets exactly the reaction he wants.

14 tracks
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OMG you have an 8tracks!!!! Goddamn that makes me happy. I came over here to say this was a beautifully crafted playlist that fit the tone of the show and what do ya know, it's one of my favorite AO3 authors. And you've got enough of a back catalog to keep me busy for a while. :D

@mustnttelllies WHO ARE YOU LET ME LOVE YOU ahhh yiisss tbh if i'm not writing fic i'm adding songs to my ridiculously huge google spreadsheet of fic music and random SPN related shippy playlists :D it's how i doooo. anyway, enjoy! and feel free to talk to me about music or fics or whatever

@silver9mm Hahaha I'm one of those lurkers who comes out of the woodwork, leaving only occasional comments in my wake. Been in this fandom for a solid 11 years but I don't know how to maintain a Tumblr so I remain anonymous. Like Batman. Or something. If only AO3 had private messaging. Ah well.