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infinite horizons

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this playlist is so beautiful and calming. I added it to not only my star wars collection but my 'calm down' collection i listen to when i feel like im going to have a panic attack. thank you for creating this.

The ot3 playlists and content in general are lacking so I am very much in love with this!! All the tracks you picked are very beautiful and fit the characters really well honestly.

@spontaneousfun Thank you so much! :) I’m really glad you think the music fits the characters! Yeah, there's not nearly enough ot3 playlists, which was my main reason for making this one.

This is such a great mix, so atmospheric and lovely. It took me a sec to place that Battlestar Galactica song, but wow did it immediately evoke the excitement of flight-- what a great match for one hell of a pilot! Really, I love all the quotes you've chosen for each song (or possibly songs you've chosen for each quote?)

@pollenruins Thank you! It was a bit of a two way process really, like I knew immediately I have to use one of the Battlestar Galactica amazing pilot tracks for Poe and his squadron. But Clint Mansell’s Sacrifice - I’ve wanted to use that one for years in one of my mixes and it just wouldn’t click, and then bam – I knew it was Finn. TAnyway, thank you for your lovely comment, I'm really happy you enjoyed the music :)