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but you were never mine, i was always yours

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a gri fanmix

(jiyong slips his fingers between seungri's, like he always does, and seungri wants to cry, because he's so in love that he is lost in it.)

i just had to let my gri feels out, i'm so sorry-- i just love this ship so, so much. and yeah, this is basically all songs that reminds me of them and songs i like atm.

(this mix is gonna be updated when i find more song)

  • How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds
  • I'm Not Yours [Official Music Video] by Angus and Julia Stone
  • Blue [Voodoo Acoustic Remix] by BIGBANG
  • Heartbreaker by G-Dragon
  • Find Me by Boyce Avenue
  • More Things To Say by Boyce Avenue
6 tracks