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don't stop ep + more!


TRACKLIST IS IN THE COMMENTS this is just the don't stop ep + 3 extra songs (the songs are in random order)

  • Don't Stop (Acoustic) by 5 Seconds Of Summer
  • Rejects by 5 secondsof summer
  • Don't Stop (Calum Demo Vocal) by ZoeElaine99
  • Don't Stop Ashton Demo by Sydney37
  • American Idiot by Kerrang!
  • Good Girls Are Bad Girls (5sos) by @anayiakaholokula
6 tracks
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i'm so sorry i actually forgot to put the tracklist in the comments like i said i would but basically it's all the songs on the don't stop ep also including the american idiot cover, good girls, and kiss me kiss me! thank you for listening :-)

hi I'm replying to your comment on my mix, I had to edit some of the names for the artist so the track would upload (example: I put calum, luke, ashton, and michael as artist instead of 5SOS) otherwise it wouldn't have let me upload it