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dead of winter

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What a perfect Winter mix! I really am enjoying this as the chill in the mountain air here becomes more of a cold, sharp bite. Looking out across the misty grey peaks of the Smoky Mountains as I listen to this, I am struck by how such a bleak time of year can still hold so much depth and can reach parts of my soul that the greener times cannot. You have an uncanny knack for creating truly succinct playlists ;)

@CypherBlack I'm glad you enjoyed it! It sounds like your surroundings were the perfect compliment to this playlist... It's always a great feeling when someone can relate to the atmosphere that I was trying to create; these are the best type of comments one can hope to get! Thanks for the kind words - I have a lot of fun putting these together, and it's always good to hear when other people like them too. :)

It's during the dead heat of the summer right now but I felt a comfortable cold breeze off this playlist. Enjoyable listen, pleasant arrangement and featured some of my favourites. Wonderful mix.

@N3s4rt2 Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it and that it helped cool the blaze of summer a bit... Always good to know when the selections in a mix really strike a chord with someone. :)

I cannot imagine a more perfect mix for an evening as frigid as this. As a lone flower pokes its head out of the snow after a seemingly endless winter, dead feelings are awakened inside of me. Many thanks my faceless friend for alighting this cold yet burning fire in my heart.

Thanks so much for the kind words, I'm glad you were able to relate. This time of year certainly has the potential to stir the emotions... when I'm not resisting the urge to hibernate, that is.