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Exotic, playful and full of fantasy and imagination - electronica, lounge and easy listening from Russia. Nostalgic and futuristic, surreal and ironic. Mysterious East and modern Europe meet. Psychedelic electronic sounds - dance, dream and enjoy.
The musicians are orbiting the earth, assimilating stimulations from the whole world to outer space. Dima Vikhornov & Messer Chups pass Tchaikovsky’s nutcracker into alien hands, where it is deconstructed and reassembled."

19 tracks
5 comments on From [Café] Russia With Love

I'm intrigued by your mix and I'm very much attracted to the songs you have here. May I ask how and where did you get the inspiration and/or source to the music! Peace :)

@dghaily It was a repost from a previous publication ! It's just weird russian madness one after another... something like an audible matruska doll

@sincara That's what is so interesting about it, russian madness! There is a lot of russian (and soviet) art out there that can give rise to endless possibilities of "deconstruction and reassembly". I'd love to get a hold of the previous publication you have mentioned and listen to it if possible :)