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Stone and Sea - A Gimlas Fanmix


A fanmix for the elf and the dwarf that sailed into the west, may their friendship and love never be forgotten.

(yes I call it gimlas, not gigolas, but that is because gigolas sounds like gigolo to me and O.o)

11 tracks
3 comments on Stone and Sea - A Gimlas Fanmix

Also, this is a fucking perfect mix, except maybe the Bush song, which felt a bit jarring to me. But omigod, the Evening Falls and By the Shore and anything by Antti Martikainen are just so so so perfect.

@Elenorasweet Ah, thanks for letting me know. I switched it out with Sleepsong, which hopefully fits a little better with a similar message. ^^

@sinomerae It is lovely, and also, yeaaaah, it took forever for me to get used to bagginshield. I eventually embraced silly pairing names entirely, hence the gigolas.

@Elenorasweet It's a holdover from childhood >.> I was reading a book set in the 1920s when I first encountered the term and the two sort of... meshed in my head. *shrugs* I mean, I can get that it sounds like giggling and it slowly is growing on me, but it will be a bit of a long road.