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songs that mean a lot to me


mcr, p!atd, & paramore: taught me to be myself 100%. be different. be flawed. it's okay to have my own style. the way I am today is a result of what these bands taught me about my sense of self, individuality, and how to have a lack of care of what others think of me and how to be myself.

la dispute and brand new have successfully been able to put every single emotion I've felt into lyrical prose. their songs have gotten me through the roughest relationship/breakup, the days when I felt like I couldn't keep going, and put all of those emotions that don't have a name into the exact words that they deserve. these songs mean so much to me and show me how far I've come from the times when I relied on them heavily to feel better.

others: things that hold some sentimental memories. enjoy~

20 tracks