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and i fall


[gently] my son, why

11/8/15 EDIT: added songs 2, 6, 7, and 11

01/02/17 EDIT: removed fake you out (its a bad song)

11 tracks
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Well...this puts my plans for a J.D. playlist to shame. I really liked the songs you chose and how they were more introspective. Like they could be his own thoughts. Not just focusing on the outward strangeness/craziness. I loved the Florence and the Machine song (might have to steal that one) and I also liked how you highlighted certain lyrics. It really helped connect the song to J.D. more. Fantastic job!

Oh my God, this is one of the best J.D. playlists I've listened. Maybe even the best. You did such a good job on this, especially with picking songs that are original. Also, kudos for not using 'Pumped Up Kicks'. I've listened to it so much for J.D. playlists that I'm actually beginning to hate it lol