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Chill Working Sounds


Some deep and very known remixes for Desk Work or Creation sections.

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  • Suga Suga by Baby Bash feat. Frankie J
  • The Funeral by Band of Horses
  • Would I Lie To You (Club Edit) by Adie, Apple Gule
  • Love Me Again (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Anas.A Remix) by John Newman
  • Message In A Bottle (Chillion Remix) by The Police
  • Nina Simone "Feel Good" (Skyphos Remix) [Free Download] by Deep Heads
  • With Or Without You (Teemid Edit) by U2
7 tracks
3 comments on Chill Working Sounds

yes you do, it's "band of horses" from band of horses, the 2nd one, which should be named "the funeral" ; it's actually a remix, and I would also like to have the name of the artist who did it

Which version or remix is it of the song The Funeral on this playlist? It's insane, please send me the link or tell me the name of the guy or girl who did it?