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charlie's insomniac playlist


To the girl who calls me Teddy.

✏ ✏ ✏

The notes appeared everywhere.

She found one crumpled up in a ball, lying on the bottom of her nearly-empty locker. One was lying flat on her metal chair in history class. One was folded carefully into small pieces and placed in the front cover of her biology textbook. Once, one was even stuffed in the pocket of her black hoodie, when she had accidentally left it in a classroom one day.

Who they were from, she had no idea.

But she planned on finding out.

✏ ✏ ✏

A novel on Wattpad, A Note A Day by siriusly_fandoms;

21 tracks
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Hey! I was wondering if you would let me make a Spotify playlist with these songs? I promise I'd keep it private. I just love this mix of music and want to listen to it it all the time!! :)

@Izzy819 thank you so much, that means a lot to me!! i'm really glad you like the playlist and the book, and i really hope ANAD can pull out a win in the wattys!

I literally have been listening to this playlist everyday since I read the book. Both the book and playlist are amazing!! You so deserve the Watty Award!!

Your taste in music is so beautiful and I love it so much oh my gosh. Also your book is gr8 m8, I love it a lot, it's very unique and I want to read it forever. You're just so wonderful and I'm glad I found you.

@Violetmarkey oh my goodness that must mean you have a really great taste in music too and thank you sososososo much, i'm really glad you like the book!