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not peace...revolution!


the music that fueled the rising of revolutions for over 200 years of world history

*I do not necessarily support the messages in every song. If I have misinterpreted a song or have incorrectly represented any historical events please feel free to tell me


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Hello, I wanted to suggest a song for your playlist, by Alt-Americana artist, Zak Smith.
Zak released “Have You Looked Outside”, in response to the endless cycle of human and civil rights injustices happening in this country at the moment. You can view the music video at and I will send you the mp3 if you decided to use.

Zak was heavily involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement and urges us (Americans) to resist apathy and fight for the kind of change that improves human lives. Using this video as a vehicle, Zak seeks to put an end to corporate greed and corruption, racism, discrimination based on sexual orientation, bigotry that jeopardizes immigration reform, police brutality, etc.

Additionally, you can check out Zak’s op-ed on the subject on Huffington Post Politics at

Let me know if you are interested in playing the song.

@tstp This is an excellent song and would make great addition theme-wise, however my goal with this mix was to include exclusively non-English songs, and I know I somewhat broke that rule with Asimbonanga but it included Zulu lyrics and was non-Western and was still a stretch for me to justify adding, even when I removed it from the context of its white, male artist's performance. I thank you very deeply for taking an interest in this mix, however, and welcome any further advice.