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Back Straight, I Strolled Home Vol. 5


I know it's been quite some time...too long actually. I really had fun making all of these playlists and if but a few people got some enjoyment out of these, than I'm fufilled.

We start where we last left off...saving a friend.

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AHH! You have returned!! 8DD I missed hearing your pl's but I'm glad that you came back to finish what you started. It's really been a whole year now since UT came out, so it's only natural to go back a revisit some awesome memories right? Thank you very much for all of your excellent song choices, it was always a joy to hear and find new songs to get into. They were like storybooks but with songs! I hope that you've had a great year so far and that you'll have a better one in the future! Take care now~ (^_^)/

@Phan_panda49 You make my heart happy. I'm glad to have spent the year having the pleasure of meeting and talking with delightful people like you. I love undertale with such a sincerity that I can only hope that my fondness reached the ears of others through the making of these playlists. Until the next~