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Caught My Breath Vol. 4


Things To Do:

1. Go on a date with Papyrus' brother
2. Judge MTT Hotel with the utmost of distaste...and get glamburger out of system...
3. Enter core
4. Bury cellphone along with all of Alphys' LIES!
5. Pose off with Mettaton
6. Stroll through oddly hueless city to find castle
7. Story time with monsters about snootle lamb and murder child
8. Receive jugment from Sentry Chubington
9. Face the King
10. Break the barrier just in time to catch the last bus home

Check, check, check, and che- PSYCH! Omega Begonia Battle!

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1 comment on Caught My Breath Vol. 4

Oh goodness, I can't believe you released the new PL already! It's been quite some time since the last one but I've been as patient as possible, to hear the dulcet tunes you've picked for it this time. Listening to each quiet melody suddenly resound like a beating pulse, like in the Hotlands. Then the jazzy and upbeat themes for Mettaton got me wanting to dance like nobody's watching! xD Then near the end w/ the ambient yet somber songs pulled me into the past and a lonely king's suffering touched my heart... Only for the vile clutches of a demonic flower to rip me out of it! (>A

@Phan_panda49 seeing this really made my day. ^w^ Thanks for the encouraging words throughout the volumes. Just as you look forward to the next playlist, I look forward to your wonderful feedback. Nyeh heh heh! v