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The Day I Fell Vol. 1


Was the day I learned to love. And I scraped my knee.

From psychotic, murderous begonia to pie-baking goat mom to bonhead brothers. Welcome one and all to the story of Undertale narrated by the gracious sound of music. My mission is simple; to reconstruct the entire emotional roller-coaster that is Undertale out of nothing more than instrumental music. I plan to split this into five parts, so stay tuned. And please humans, use a little imagination.

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4 comments on The Day I Fell Vol. 1

This playlist is everything I ever wanted and imagined throughout undertale, and I'm so happy I found it- Thank you so much for making this, it's perfect~

All the tracks match perfectly, this is such an amazing mix. And also I've downloaded the "FEZ" game, thanks to the osts here :'D