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Vinyl 2 Digital: Late 60's/Early 70's


Vinyl to Digital tracks converted from LPs in my personal record collection. Starting with bands from the UK and moving East to West across the US. A few diversions along the way.

25 tracks
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wonderful. as a midwesterner that grew up on classic rock this is definitely a good trip. also makes me wish I had a record player at home to spin the collection i inherited. do you have any Wishbone Ash that could be included in a future 70s mix? Regardless, this was a great way to finish up my time in the office. please keep the choons coming. BB.

@noknow Thanks for the thumbs up on my first production on 8Tracks. Glad to know you found the annotations as a bonus. Gotta give credit where credit is due. Discogs dot and Wikipedia make that part easy. I DJ'd in the 80's when the industry slogan was "say it when you play it" so I believe. So - Wishbone Ash? That's a band I never had any LP's of. A quick look-see on Wikipedia makes me think I should look for some. I'll let you know when it happens. You should definitely find a turntable to spin your collection on. Look for an older amplifier to go with it - newer ones don't have the phono input w/ground that the older ones do. Thanks again for the encouragement - I'm a newb on 8tracks and hoping to find other playlists worth my time. Esp. vinyl originals. Any suggestions?