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Hunter Zolomon - ZOOM


Songs that I feel describe Hunter Zolomon (Jay Garrick, Zoom) from DC Comics' "The Flash" series.
Also, a few songs included refer to his relationship with Caitlin Snow.

15 tracks
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@heckleweather No problem!! :D I love Zoom/Hunter and feel like I understand his character and I wanted to make a playlist that fit him. He interests me so much and I feel a lot of people don't understand his depth.

@Sith Acolyte He is a very beautifully flawed character. He grew up knowing nothing of the world except for pain and death, and then when he realized that not everyone had nearly as hard a life, he felt cheated that they had these things called 'love' and 'happiness' that he could never have. He felt so, alone. No one else felt what he felt, so he decided to make them feel it.

@heckleweather Exactly!! :D Why do you think he fell for Caitlin? Because she cared for him! He wanted to keep her in his life. He wanted to protect her, because he couldn't protect his mother. And he never hurt her or forced her to do anything. He genuinely valued her presence.

@Sith Acolyte True. He had never felt love before, not since his mother, so he didn't really understand it, either. He couldn't understand why she didn't love him back.