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So beautiful even kittens want to play it! ...or snooze on the red felt. Either way...
10 Concerti, solos, arrangements and orchestral works featuring the oboe and the cor anglais. Includes works by Tippett, Vaughan Williams and Schumann.

9 tracks
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When I started oboe in elementary school the other kids said it sounded like a dying duck. But by high school everybody stopped saying bad things and one of my oboe solos made my mother cry. I love it and want to play it again someday. I had to give the rented one back to my school when I graduated. :(

I am literally the same exact way.
Go on youtube and search Persis.
My band played that this year for our sprung concert, and I was fortunate enough to play the oboe solo.
I just really love the oboe and will miss playing it now that I am out of high school.

This playlist is perfection, I would love to find a couple more oboe-type playlists however..