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in memories

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a mix of 'various artists' tracks from selected dramas (that winter the wind blows, innocent man, the master's sun etc)

  • Lonely by VA
  • 14. 사랑따윈 필요없어 by cassie.2212
  • 살고 싶다 (That Winter, the Wind Blows) by Moyrra
  • Strange Sun (OST Boys Over Flower) by Christ Ruan
  • Blind Love (ost that winter the wind blow) by Mega Avianika
  • Lonely Street [Innocent Man OST] by Various Artists
  • White Flower by Various Artists
  • About Her (그 여자 이야기 Theme) [Flower Boy Next Door OST] by Various Artists
  • Broken Heart [Innocent Man OST] by Various Artists
  • Lost (Shark OST) by aoilucky
  • Water Lily [Innocent Man OST] by Various Artists
  • Devil's Tears 악마의 눈물(49 Days OST) by Various Artist
  • Magnolia [Innocent Man OST] by Various Artists
  • In Memories by VA
14 tracks
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