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Melodic Black Metal Mix

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1.Ishjerte - Synkvervet
2.Beyond These Frozen Castle Walls - Astral Winter
3.Strom Der Tränen - Firtan
4.Vlad - Hollow
5.Das blaue Wunder - Totale Vernichtung
6.Blazeheart - Salacious Gods
7.Amakakeru - Hakuja
8.Far Away From the Dawn - Frozen
9.Le Chêne d'Or - Fhoi Myore
10.Omringningen - Mörk Gryning
11.Scornfull Darklord - Mourning Forest
12.Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains - ChthoniC
13.The (Night) Throne - Sorcier Des Glaces
14.Splendor of the Night - Drakhian
15.The Annihilation of Faith - Withering Night
16.Останній Спогад / The Last Recollection - Somnia
17.Blacken the Angel Hearts - Ethereal Sin
18.My Veins Are Open (SETHERIAL Cover) - Avsolutized...