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That's Not Country.


The purpose of this play list is to open your mind to the country side of music.

It will not work if your close minded about music; so if you don't like to try new things do not even attempt at playing this playlist.

The tracks I have chosen for this track, are, 100% country; and have a more modern twist - hence the title.

Perhaps, you have a stereotype in your head about what country music is. Hopefully this playlist can change that.


9 tracks
6 comments on That's Not Country.

Why thank you :)
But you know, cowboy boots, high ways, eighteen wheelers, and whisky are still fun. Yes they are; there's no denying that.
We just gotta work on eliminating music 'stereotyping' one base at a time :D

And you did great!! Besides I already knew that country is more then cowboy boots, highways, eighteen wheelers and whisky....
You rock!