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A mix for renegades who won't stand for a system that stands on them.

  • Origami by Capital Cities
    they pick pockets, and some still don't know they're empty.
  • False King by Jose Eulogio Conde
    they know what they've done.
  • Call Me Uprising by thatkylemac
    and they know what's coming.
  • Merciless Times by Myrath
    spare none that wouldn't spare you.
  • Renegade by Styx
    even a revolutionary has their time.
  • Michael Andrews/Donnie Darko Score by Liquid Spear Waltz (Scaffolding in Glass Remix) [Anableps in DC]
    how do you process a loss so great there's no recovery in sight?
  • 8 Bit Panic Switch (Silversun Pickups Remix) (Chrissy) by Demos And Crap
    you rock the fuck out is how.
  • Mega Man 2/Dr. Wily's Castle (Acoustic Mix 1) by Simon Leong
    recovery, a new campaign.
8 tracks
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