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what's the fun in doing what you're told?


this was survival and she was the kit
you could die of thirst if the girls won't give you sips

a mix for post-retcon vriska/terezi/rose/kanaya, feat. quadrant-flipping, teenage hormones and str8edge vriska

specific ships/povs in annotations, and a tracklist here:

11 tracks
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ive wanted this ship for so long. ive made posts for yrs like "what if vris was on the meteor" and now... and now!!!!!!!! im so blessed to have seen this mix honestly this is my absolute fave, thank you so much, oh my god

@tamagotchis SAME seriously this ship is everything and now it could have actually happened. we are are all blessed omg (and thank you omg ah)

@starseer haha its no problem! its a joke ive been seeing around for a while that vriska would be straightedge (so like, 'i can be hardcore WITHOUT drugs or alcohol!! high on life!! sort of people lmao) and her slapping away roses drink in the update made it basically canon. and with all of these girl's... addiction issues i guess that song seemed to fit how i imagine that stuff was avoided on the retcon meteor trip!! hope that makes sense haha