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kind of going through some things


honestly when have things ever gone right for stanley pines, historically

[update 5/21/2016 - fixed an album title issue that was bugging me and added/reshuffled some tracks to pad out your bitter salty road trips and 30-year existential crises]

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Loved this one too :D Gotta ask, have you heard of this song - 'the world spins madly on', by the weepies? I think it's very Stan-waiting-thirty-damn-years-for-his-twin-esque. The video is obviously a different interpretation of the lyrics but still v pretty! Thanks again for the great mix :)

@KaleidoscopeKreation Super late reply, sorry! I hadn't heard that song, but ooh yeah I can totally see it (and I haven't seen the animation in that video link in years, so double thanks for reminding me it exists). Glad you enjoyed the mix and thanks again for your kind words :>

This is the truest-to-character fanmix I've ever listened to, and I've listened to quite a few. You did an amazing job. I might have even teared up a bit at certain too-true parts of this... Wonderful job putting this together!