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Get up and dance, to punk rock!

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In reverse order, song first, band second, this is the playlist:

Keep The Pain Inside - The Outsiders
Masochist Ice Cream Men On Dru - Teenage Queers
Prison - Big Boys
Voyage Through The Land Of The Freeze Dried Godzilla Farts - Fishbone
I Got A Right - Iggy & The Stooges
Fat Bitch - Fang
We Got Soul - Big Boys
Say It Loud Pt. 3 - Black Randy & The Metrosquad
New Christian Music - Alien Sex Fiend
Be Stiff - Devo
Skylab (Son of Telstar) - XL Capris
Connecticut Fun - Punkestra
Clash City Rockers - The Clash
Beat Crazy - Joe Jackson
Bone Chain - Tom Waits
Going Back Home - Howlin' Wolf
I Idolize You - Ike & Tina Turner
Got Love If You Want It - The Kinks
Judgement Day - Ten Minute Warning
Afraid of the russians - Stiphnoyds
Over Now - The Eastern Dark
Five Years Ahead of My Time - The Third Bardo
New York - Sex Pistols
Arms Race - The Weirdos
1977 - The Clash
Into The Void - 76% Uncertain
Reagan Country - Shattered Faith
Controversial - Slime
Do The Boob - The Real Kids
Teenage Depression - Eddie & The Hot Rods
I Want To Help You Ann - The Lyres
Bad Luck Charm - Stiv Bators
New Uniform - the Outsiders
Look Sharp! - Joe Jackson