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Wild Lover

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In reverse order:

Teenage Lima Bean, Laughing Soup Dish
Dead, Poets
Booze Party, Three Aces & A Joker
Hot Dog, Buck Owens
One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette, Glen Glenn
Hot Dog ! That Made Him Mad, Wanda Jackson
Seven Times Heaven, Paul Berlenger & The Flares
The Way I Walk, Jack Scott
Lining So Dead, Steppes
Venus, Shocking Blue
Lie To Me, Tom Waits
2:19, Tom Waits
Who's Been Talking?, Howlin' Wolf
I Got Love If You Want It, Slim Harpo
He's So Fine, The Chiffons
Do What I Say, Bo Diddley
Hey, Little Mama, Lawrence Shaul w The Aristrocrats
I Idolize You, The Wailers
Blues Blues, Hayden Thompson
Why Did You Lie?, Dawn Penn
Gypsy Man, Marcia Griffiths
Groovin', The Gaylettes
No No No, Instincts
Daikaiju Die, Daikaiju
Dementia 13, The Gruesomes
Lose your mind, The Third Bardo
The Martin Band, Wildtones
Shake Your Hips, Slim Harpo
Let Me Play With'yo'poodle, Johnny Bucket
Miniskirt Blues, The Flower Children
Rhythm Booze, Corky Jones
Good Morning Little School Girl, Muddy Waters
Hey...High School Baby, Benny Joy
I Can't Find The Doorknob, Jimmy & Johnny
Wild Wild Lover, Benny Joy