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The Weight of Living

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I never heard of jackunzel until I saw this mix but I want you to know that this mix means so much to my best friend and I. We discovered this mix together in december 2013 and it was our very first experience with 8tracks. We've agreed it still remains our favorite mix on this site. We've bonded over it for almost three years and the songs on it carry so many memories. We are now getting ready to graduate from high school and we just listen to this mix whenever we want to reminisce. There is no way that I won't be playing it on my last night as a high school student. Even though this mix might not mean a lot to you, the compilation of songs on it means something to someone out there. I'm so glad you decided to make it. thanks.

@❄Patrolling Snow❄ oh my goodness, i think i shed a little tear here (and it's REALLY HARD TO MAKE ME TEARY). I'm so glad you and our friend love this, and i honestly never thought one of my mixes would mean so much to someone. It's overwhelming. I haven't made any fanmixes for this fandom or any other for years, but i remember the songs i added onto this song were some of my all time favourites and mean a lot to myself. This mix isn't going anywhere, don't you worry :) And congratulations for getting through high school!