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I can wait [Scott+Allison]


It's only taken me 3 months to make this playlist.. I still can't believe that she is dead. Allison was such a big part of the show, so it's going to be weird watching it without her now. She will be missed.

"I'm in the arms of the first person I ever loved."

"Death ends a life. Not a relationship." -Mitch Albom

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FOUR months and I'm still not over her death. I think I will never be... she was an amazing role model. I miss her so much :( by the way could you check out my scallison mix too if it's not a problem? :) MY FEELS OH MY GOD, I miss this little warrior So much :( btw could you check out my scallison mix if it's okay? :)

@Malia Hale-Tate Sorry I'm getting back to you late, but I would love to listen to your mix. :) I still can't even believe she died. The show isn't the same without her. But she'll live on in our memory :)