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After The Funeral We Got Wasted At Your Graveside


Songs that were played at my friend's wake and funeral. RIP Sophia Braverly Gore.
"Scar Tissue" is especially special because it was played at my friend Riley's funeral six year ago. Me and my friends have a pact to have that song played at all our funerals. I know that's sort of morbid.

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It's 2:02 in the morning on a side of the world that doesn't matter, and I wonder why I stay awake knowing everything that I must rush to tomorrow. Your hits me. My close friend, Angelo: his funeral was today. Our mutual friend looked up "funeral" on 8tracks, and hours later, after He was lain in the ground, I find your mix the most appealing of our buddy's search based off nothing but title and what I hope is some feeling of what He may have wanted to comfort my unnecessary sorrow for a man who knew nothing but how to make the world happy. Maybe I'm just drunk, but as I get higher and higher, your mix continues to play songs that I know by heart; because I have mourned to them for lesser reasons in my all too short past. It's funny: the temporal hole that our lives seem to be in the end, and perhaps even funnier is the truth that that knowledge will also fade in the shade of time. You'll never hear from me again, as I will never again hear Angelo's bright spectrum of enlightenment that his laughter projected, but know that I am with you when you made this mix. Live, beautiful mixer of my woe and solace. I know you'd also wish me a happy birthday on this most emotionally ironic of days.

I'm very sorry to hear about your friend.. what beautiful songs to remember them by, though. That smashing pumpkins tune is one of my all-time favorites.