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slanted76's December 2009 mix


This year was a fucking monster year for great stand alone songs. There are so many more that I wanted to include and honestly I probably would have if the site would have let me.

31 tracks
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You know, @knutivar, I felt the same way the first time I heard that song. Really didn't care for it. Wrinkled up my nose and scrunched up my face. "Nah..." I thought. Then I was exposed to it in public places, still kinda crinkled my eyes. Then I caught myself humming it. It has that true sign of pop success - the hook, the harmonious flow, the repetition that can't get out of your head. It's not so bad.

you know, trying to deny that Black Eyed Peas song says more about you than anything- they have plenty of crappy songs, but that one was perfect. Pop music done well is always welcome.