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Amazing Details About The Gerenuk
Below are a few gerenuk facts that'll make for an exciting read.

Gerenuks Fact #1:
Gerenuks are taller than you may fully understand.
The common gerenuk height can vary from 80 to 105cm. In inches, that is about 30 to 40 inches, give or take one inch. Simply put, they are about three feet tall, but can be a bit taller or smaller based upon what their age is, health, and whether or not the specific gerenuk is female or male. They generally tend to weigh somewhere between 28 and 52 kilograms, which equals about 62 to 115 pounds. Males are much bigger than females in most scenarios. Males have horns that increase their bodyweight and height by a tad.

Gerenuks Fact #2:
These animals possess top notch hearing that keeps them safer from potential predators.
There are lots of animals that try to eat gerenuks. They are sought after by wild dogs, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, and lions, together with human beings that hunt them for sport. Thanks to their superb ability to hear, they're able to often know when an animal (or a human being) is coming up on them. They start scampering almost immediately once they feel endangered by a predator, so all of their diversifications work at the same time in this manner. The gerenuk utilizes its good hearing, it’s very long neck, and its extended legs too as it listens for and sprints from its possible predators.

Gerenuks Fact #3:
Gerenuks don’t need a great deal of drinking water to stay alive.
Like camels and lots of other equivalent animals, the gerenuk doesn’t need lots of h2o to survive. Of course, it does require some liquid on occasion, since it is a living creature. Even so, its capability to live without h2o for an extended time aids it stay alive and flourish in its desert ecosystem. Africa has several long, dry periods every year, so it’s important for wildlife that dwell there to be able to cope with this portion of the year without struggling severely because of a lack of drinking water. The gerenuk is just one of many which can do this effectively.

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