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I Just Came to Party


Happy birthday, Angelyn! I can't believe you're 18, oh my gods. You're so old. :( HAHA.

Because I am still very much in love with the playlist you made me for my birthday last April, I decided to make you one in return. So here's a bunch of Angelyn-esque tunes (omg at least I hope so) to play at your supah cool party. Hehe.

See you at your/my wedding! We need to catch up/Skype/T/SOMETHING soon, okay?

Features artists like Chiddy Bang, Yelle, and Arcade Fire.

15 tracks
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Den, this is BRILLIANT! Thank you so much, lovely!! My internet connection is sloooow so I can't listen to everything (:[) but I'm definitely going to be working my way through this. So far - six songs in, not bad.

(Also, what an amazing party playlist - I've never had/made one before so this is new! I'm throwing myself a party in my head right now!)

I promise you I will reply you over the weekend! And also explain why we can't Skype, boo. Till then! xx