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Cancer: they remind me of boarding a flight, reading art technique books, jumping on a trampoline with your best friends, waiting for the storm to pass, relaxing on a river bank and the mid-July heat. They are built of warm cookies and silk pillows and beautiful handwriting and pearl necklaces. They smell like peppermint and they taste like bakery fresh apricot brioches.

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@hiba-c-113344 I'm going to make a playlist for all of the signs and will release each one when it gets close to the beginning of whatever sign. Since you're a pisces it will be awhile, but I'm hoping the other water signs playlists like this Cancer one and eventually Scorpio will help you wait!!

@teenage stoner I'm planning on making a playlist for all of the signs! All of the playlists are going to be around the time each sign starts so it might be awhile, but while you wait you can always listen to the playlists for the other air signs like Gemini and Libra!