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Dedicated to Madison and Megan
Hufflepuff: Promises and shooting stars. Giggles, goosebumps. Stolen kisses behind the quidditch field. Bumblebees and libraries, fiery hair and squad goals. Shared breakfast, tutoring. Growing. Security. Those friends you can tell everything, and they will never judge. Libraries and open fields. Golden retrievers, the smell of sawdust and hay, horse riding. Roadtrips. Study groups. Ivy League. Scholarships. Humble, soft, friendly. Loyal and smart. Stubborn and accepting. Yellow and black.

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I have spent 50% of my life trying to find a playlist that fits my life as a Hufflepuff, and I finally found it. Please, please, please make another playlist like this. Your music taste is

@ElleLupin Thank you so so much! I'm so glad you like it! I have planned out a bunch of playlists that I want to make. For example, I'm going to try to do all of the hogwarts houses, I may do playlists based on other books I read, so hopefully out of the ones I have done and the ones I'm going to make you'll find more that you like! Again, thank you so much for telling me you enjoy this playlist it means a lot to me