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The Gamer's Guide to Calmness


Some soothing songs from different videogames for when you just need a break from all the stress and get your mind clear. Includes some tracks from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Chrono Cross, the Elder Scrolls, amoung others

16 tracks
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@rhytrii Besaid Island, Dearly Beloved, Wind Crest ~The Three Trails,~ Travel Beaureau, Kairi I, Fly by Contact, Machi no Kioku, carry these feelings on the harp, Bisaido Island, Morning Sunlight, Star-Stealing Girl, Sunrise of Flutes, Home Gardov, Lakes and Marshes with Doubt, Long Days of Rest, Aquatic Ambience

Such a fantastic playlist. I've also been listening to a lot of these tracks for years so it's full of nostalgia for me as well. Really great taste in video games and music! (It's so nice seeing Star Ocean and Wild Arms on a playlist).

@Spockalicious Thank you so much! It's always so good to remember the great soundtracks that we grew up with :D I'm happy you like it!!! I used to watch my brother play Star Ocean and Wild Arms a lot when I was younger ^^