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passive agressiva

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Let that to be seen? Recipriversexclusonary!
Plus I been stuck on typin up a craiglist ad the past three days sooo.... I can't stay here now. But yeah, totally, I'll come back in a day or two so say put something together, we face off and draw lines, the throw-down of the supersounds. Yagameya?

2 out of 3 themed battles, go: Jan, Ken, Pon! I win!
First theme of the Iron Mixer Face-off:.. Bizarre.
You pick next mix theme, someone neutral like CityRiot will pick the third theme.
1st. mix deadline friday midnight, you pick next mix deadline.

1]25 tracks of your bizarroest best, post by the end of friday night, if you throw down some righteous boss sounds I give you due cred.
2]You pick next week's and let me know what the theme will be.
3]Third week mix theme will be appointed by neutral party.

2-out-of-3 or best out of 3, however people say it.