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Lookin Fine '09


My worst mix title to date- I believe some sort of congratulations are in order.
This is what I liked from 2009. Some of these songs make up for the fact that it's going to be 2010 and there are still no fucking hover cars.

Twenty-six tracks including music by Atlas Sound, Sunn O))) and Porcupine Tree.

26 tracks
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worst mix title?? perhaps. more accurately (and in no way hyperbolic): the single greatest title ever ushered forth in the wake of the human era.

Grizzly Bear had one of my very favorite albums from '09 and I totally forgot them. And some others. Feh. It's already long enough.

Still working on some key albums from '09 but this is the bulk of it for me, I think.
Also note: I much preferred Jesu's Infinity over Opiate Sun, but I figured uploading a 50 minute song would be imprudent.