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Nocturnal Nonsense Pt. 1


I recently had the idea to start a series of mixes that where less about finding a theme and more about favourite tracks at that time. These mixes are definitely still thought out but I've spent a lot less time than I usually do. The only guides I gave myself is working with 12 tracks per mix and that my awesome wife Jenny do the artwork for each mix.

I give you part 1 of Nocturnal Nonsese including music by Jackson & His Computer Band, Willie Hutch & Brigitte Bardot.

12 tracks
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Vinnie! I'm only commenting on this 'cause I have no other idea how to get ahold of you! I heard you're coming back. That's fucking rad. Let's rage. email me I hope this finds you well. MANFRIENDS 2012 TOUR UNDERWAY SOON.