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Am I done yet?


Thank you tris for teaching us how brave we can be in life, even in our last breath, for showing us how amazing life can be if you love and don't forget the ones who love you[and many other things].
Thank you tobias for telling us second chances can be an option for good. How we can live with fears, and not letting them destroy us.
Thank you veronica, for making this amazing story that will always be with me.
ps:i found the pic on google and just edited it. Creds to its author.

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i just wanted to say thank you so, so much for creating this mix ♥
all the songs are perfect (some of them are even songs i often listened to and related to tris and tobias! ////) and your description couldn't be more accurate as to how i also felt at the end of reading the divergent series. this mix made me cry (in a good way though!) and overall it was wonderfully put together.

This mix was just absolutely and heartbreakingly beautiful. It reminded me of loss and selflessness and pain and overcoming and hope. It reminded me to be Brave. Thank you so much for making this, dear!