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The Art of Self Destruction


Dominance: The complete and utter control over another person.

From resistance to subservience; Forced emotions, false love, distorted reality. A love that eats you alive and leaves you with nothing left.

** Content warning: This is a very dark playlist. Some songs contain references to rape, pedophilia, suicide, self-harm, and abuse. Please proceed with caution.

** Disclaimer: This ship is extremely unhealthy and should never be imitated in reality. I do not condone abusive relationships nor any of the above topics.

11 tracks
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this is one of those playlists that just make me go wow. the music the words just everything about your selection is so descriptive of what truly did happen between them. I don't think a better Playlist could be made for them. great job dude. I'll definitely listen to more of your playlists!

@queerohero ohhhhh thank you so much! ;v; It means a lot to hear that! I've always been very apprehensive about posting anything for this ship because I tend to interpret it differently than a lot of others. It's very complex, and I really try to stress how badly Kak was manipulated. He's tough, but when you're so lonely and someone offers you a chance at companionship you grab it- it's just unfortunate that the companion he grabbed was a manipulative megalomaniac.

I really like your Diokak playlist compared to the others I've listened to. I feel like grunge rock and metal combined fits this ship well. Idk or I'm biased. Either way, great mix!

@Jury Arisugawa Thanks so much!! This was the first fandom mix I've ever done, so I'm glad to hear the feedback! I'm honestly a little biased too bc those two genres are about 90% of what I listen to lmfao so I'm really glad you and others enjoy it as well! I really tried to have songs that gave that strong sense of dread and despair to them that I just wasn't really finding in other playlists.